So, the BBC documentary Frozen Planet has been accused of misleading viewers by not stating that the scenes featuring newborn polar bears had not been filmed in the wild as most of the series had been but in an animal park in the Netherlands.  The fact that this fact had been disclosed on the website appears to be irrelevant according to the court of public opinion where this is deemed to be “news” even though Ofcom have only received a handful of complaints.

polar bear cubs

Polar bear cubs (C) BBC

The question I have is to anyone who thought this could have been filmed in the wild: what planet do you live on?

I’m serious, polar bears are seriously vicious creatures as was seen in August of this year when a 17 year old boy was mauled to death and 4 others injured in a polar bear attack on an island off the coast of Norway.

What would people prefer?  A film showing baby polar bears, albeit filmed in captivity or a section where the mummy polar bear kills her cub and the poor camera man? Get a grip!

Do we really need everything spelled out to us?  What’s next, Toy Story prefaced with the comment that this film is a cartoon and your toys do not get up and play once you turn your back?  Mission Impossible films with the disclaimer that the producers are not responsible for damage that occurs if any recreation of scenes occurs?

Television, to a greater or lesser degree, is entertainment and whilst it can be educational we need to take it with a pinch of salt.  The educational content of Frozen Planet is not under dispute but this focus on the method of filming may detract from it.

Do you think that Frozen Planet should have disclosed the filming method within the programme or was their disclosure on the website sufficient?

Average Josephine x

What do you think? Add your views!

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