An average Josephine…

I love cake. Seriously, cake is my world. I love eating it, making it, reading about it…  It’s an obsession. What more can I say?  But I have a blog that covers that already!  I write about my adventures in baking in my Baking Alchemy blog and although I don’t necessarily blog about everything I bake, I write about the ones that interest me!!

So this is about the rest of my life although I will try to keep my whingeing about my job to a strict minimum.  I’m sure everyone has enough of that in their own lives.  But I wanted to have somewhere that I can talk about the stuff I do love, sometimes what I don’t love, a documentation of my life.

So what will this be about?  There will be a bit of ballet in there, I have an ongoing obsession with the Birmingham Royal Ballet (they’re legends, they tour, next time they’re near you, go and see them, you won’t regret it!) and will be starting trips to the Royal Opera House in London in the Autumn due to the relocation of one of my favourite dancers.  A couple of others have also relocated but going to Australia purely to watch a ballet performance is a little extreme, even for me…

My mum and dad have always said that I have more beauty products than Boots and to be fair, whilst I think they might have a few more, I do have a lot from Space NK too so overall it’s probably about a tie!  I vary between products regularly although I do go through fetishes for certain brands.  I’ll find one I like, buy everything and then after a while, I’ll move on.  I do like my luxe products and I’m moving towards more and more natural products.

I wish I could say I love exercise as much as I love cake but alas, I don’t.  Unfortunately my waistline will testify to this fact.  And that’s something else I will be blogging about- the diet.  I am like so many other women on the planet- the diet starts tomorrow.  It has been starting tomorrow for about three years so it’s something I might start one day.  Anything I try and the results will be documented here although for the sake of computer screens everywhere, I’ll spare you the photos!!

If you have any comments then please add them!!  I’ve started meeting some great people through Twitter and would love it to continue through my blog.  And if there is anything you would like to see covered then let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

So enjoy, try not to take anything too seriously and I look forward to seeing your comments soon.

Take care xxx

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