The diet starts on… Thursday?

Go on, do up! Please????

The diet starts Thursday.  I know that every 0ther diet on the world starts on  Monday but mine is starting on Thursday!  And with a good reason.  For the next three days I am going to be sitting my advanced stage accountancy exams.  Eleven hours of exams in three days, there is no way I’m depriving myself of chocolate while that’s going on!

But Thursday the hard core diet is starting as I have lived on junk food for the past month while I’ve been studying.  Comfort eating doesn’t quite describe what I have been doing…  And I knew what was happening but today I stood on the scales and they are currently reading 11st 11lb.  Yes you read that right. I think it’s the most I’ve ever weighed in my life and whilst at a size 14 I’m below the national average dress size but this is HUGE for me.

The thing is that I don’t have the excuse of being “big-boned”, I was 7st 7lb when I left school and whilst severly underweight by normal standards, I was still pretty healthy.  I was only a stone heavier when I left university but within five years I have put on three stone.  A lot of this is due to comfort eating and a lack of exercise (I am basically bone-idle!) although a period of illness and side effects from medication has not helped.  So now, I’m faced with losing 30% of my body weight…  Nothing like a challenge!!

How exactly I’m going to manage this mammoth task is not quite yet clear!!  I’m going to be following the diet principles from Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Body which involve no dairy (how will I cope without tea???  I drink my tea with milk!), no fruit (a staple part of my diet, it will be a great loss…) and no white carbs (or potentially white).  This means no pasta, white or wholemeal, no rice (even brown), potatoes, bread… Basically it’s a no carb diet although Tim refers to it as a slow-carb diet as the carbs you are allowed are beans.  This could be a somewhat anti-social diet!!  But the main attraction of such a diet is that it allows you a binge day when you can eat as much as you want of whatever you want…  Chocolate cake, here I come!!!

But no weight loss plan is complete without exercise and this is going to be the difficult bit.  I am not a natural exerciser, I do not enjoy it  and my body doesn’t particularly like it either (my joints are a wee bit on the stroppy side).  The one summer I got really into going to the gym I overdid it a little bit… I ended up making myself so run down that I got a virus and landed myself in hospital for 4 days- I kid you not!!!

So I’m going for minimum time, maximum effect!  Time Ferris has an exercise plan as part of the four hour body which I will be using and I’m also going to be following BeachBumBeauty’s example and following Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.  This is a DVD available on Amazon and for anyone who has never heard of Jillian, she is one of the trainers on the American version of The Biggest Loser and she is scary as hell!!  She pushes the contestants to their limit, mentally and physically but they get results…

So we’ll see what happens over the next couple of weeks!  Will keep you updated regularly on progress, or lack thereof!!

Wish me luck

Average Josephine

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