Sacred oil

If someone told me a year ago I would be using oil on my face, I’d have laughed at them.  My skin veers between dry and tight in the winter and a grease machine in the summer (attractive…) and I thought putting oil on my face in the winter would make it greasy and greasier in the summer.  I also get my fair share of spots, not to the extent I would class it as acne but my skin is certainly worse now at thirty than it ever was in my teens!  Not happy about that, not happy at all!

Every winter I get a small patch of eczema like dry skin to the left of my chin but it normally doesn’t appear until after Christmas.  Unfortunately this year it appeared in about October and I developed a matching patch on the right side.  Something. Had. To. Be. Done!!

A new skincare regime seemed to be in order and I kept seeing these facial oils being recommended and one of them in particular, Decleor Aromessence Neroli.  It has won the InStyle Magazine Beauty Award for best facial oil for four years in a row which seems as a good a recommendation as any.  So I trotted along to my local John Lewis and the Decleor counter to see what they thought.

After a long chat I left with a new moisturiser, eye cream plus fairly hefty samples of the afore mentioned facial oil and their night treatment, a facial balm.  The benefit was that because it was the run-up to Christmas, I got all of this for the price of the moisturiser.  I do like gift packs and the benefit is that I do actually use all the products which is unusual for these gift packs.

But my favourite product was the facial oil.  The sample provided was about 5ml, which seems very small and I was distinctly sceptical when they said it was about 2 months worth if I used it once a day but they were right.  You only need the most minute amount to make a difference due to the high concentration of aromatherapy oils within the product and they are entirely natural.  You can see which of the aromessence oils and accompanying moisturisers would best suit your skin here.  You use the oil before your moisturiser in the morning and before your night cream before you go to bed.

I’ve been using this oil with a Decleor moisturiser for about 9 months now and my skin is soooo much better that unless something major changes, I’m sticking with Decleor.  The products are luxurious without being smothering and smell fantastic (always an added bonus).

If you want to try any of the products for yourself Decleor are currently offering a choice of two free samples with each order and if you spend over £50 then delivery is free.  So there is no better time to see what Decleor can do for your skin.

I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I have!

Average Josephine

2 thoughts on “Sacred oil

  1. I have worse skin now at 36 than I ever did in my teens so I would try this except I also have horrendous eczema and several life-threatening allergies so I’ll give it a miss! All my skin care products are free on prescription!

    New to your blog, will have a nosey around, expect random comments on old posts.


    • Oh Zoe, that must be very difficult as it must impact a lot on your self esteem. Although cheapskate that I can be, free is at least a good thing! Comment on whatever you wish (all 3 posts) and hope you enjoy reading xxxx

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