A message to live by…

Every now and again you see something that just appeals to you. In my case I saw this on Pinterest earlier and it has gone on my “things I would love to buy”.

Kate Spade iPad cover eat cake for breakfast

Kate Spade iPad cover. Source: http://shop.nordstrom.com

It sums up everything I believe should be true in the world and what I would love to do on a daily basis. Granted it would mean buying an iPad to put in it but to be honest, it’s almost worth the expense just to have this fabulous case to put it in!

Anyway, as a cake addict I just thought I would share this little gem with you. Whilst I can’t find it available to buy in the UK, Kate Spade has opened a shop in London so you might be able to find it there. Or you could just say sod it and order it from Nordstrom who, very kindly, not only offer international shipping but also calculate the VAT and duties payable.

IPad owners, credit cards at the ready…

Average Josephine x