Foot and Mouth disease

One question that people have asked me since I started my blog is “why do I blog”? The simple answer to this is I’m better online. I like communicating with people but in person, I have a horrible, overwhelming tendency to put my foot in it.

I’m not subtle, I don’t infer, I just say things outright and social niceties do kind of escape me sometimes.  When I met one of my best friends one of the first questions I asked her was whether her boobs were real… I kid you not.  She does have a spectacularly good pair but possibly not the thing you ask when you meet someone for the first time.  The fact that I now class her as one of my best friends is more to do with luck than my judgement (I have none).

My utmost foot in mouth moment came in July when I discovered that my favourite dancer was moving from Birmingham to the Royal Ballet in London. Now I was pretty upset, not least because tickets at the opera house are ludicrously expensive and instead of seeing Alex dance several times a year, I’m going to be lucky to be able to see him once but also because he was effectively taking a demotion to move to the Royal and their repertory suits him nowhere near as well as the Birmingham rep. Basically I don’t think it’s his best career move and whilst I’m entitled to my opinion, I possibly didn’t express it in quite the best way…

I think the phrase  “have you lost your tiny little mind?” was used…

Whoops?! Sorry, Alex…

At least with life online I can get my point across without offending too many people (she says, hopefully). And bless him, Alex is now on Twitter due to copious nagging from the Birmingham fans so we can keep in touch with him and he does tweet me occasionally so I think I’m forgiven…

Writing allows me the time to think before I press publish and does minimise the possibility of my mouth working faster than my brain although my confidence issues do raise their ugly head periodically which means that I then stop myself from pressing publish sometimes when I should. Every silver lining has a cloud after all…

But I think that if this tendency to insert my foot so far into my mouth that only a surgeon could remove it is my worst quality, I’m not doing too badly. Although what Alex would say about that, who knows?

What do you think your worst quality is?

Average Josephine x


Remember, remember the month of Movember

Well, it’s the end of November and if you look around on the streets you can see something that wasn’t there a month ago.

Moustaches.  Everywhere you look.

And it isn’t some random new trend because come December 1st they will most likely be gone and clean-shaven faces will reign supreme once more.  No, the reason for the return to the seventies ‘tache is Movember, a campaign to raise both awareness and funds for men’s health and, in particular, prostate cancer and other male cancers.

As a woman, I count myself to be very lucky in that we are educated from quite a young age about breast cancer and the importance of checking regularly for any changes in our breasts.  Breast cancer is a very hot topic with a number of high-profile sufferers such as Kylie Minogue and whilst the other female cancers are not as well publicised, they seem to be better publicised than their male equivalents (although having never read Men’s Health or GQ or anything similar, that is purely a female perception).

So Movember is a brilliant innovation as far as I’m concerned as it brings men’s health to the fore and as the boys are wearing the evidence on their faces it’s something that no-one can forget for a month.  I have heard a couple of comments along the lines of “I banned my husband/boyfriend/partner from growing a moustache” and I am so disappointed in what I feel is a really short-sighted perspective.

As a girl I can’t take part in Movember but I am supporting a team of my favourite boys from Birmingham Royal Ballet (were you expecting them to be from anywhere else?!).  Twenty nine members of the company (including one girl oddly enough although quite how Samara is managing her moustache is a bit of a mystery) have teamed up and at my last check had raised a rather fantastic £2,479 as well as having grown some amazing ‘taches!  Check out Oliver Till, Aonghus Hoole, Kit Holder and, for sheer comedy value, the artistic director, Mr. David Bintley whose photos are hysterical (I like the Mahatma and the Clouseau ones myself).

So whether you know anyone who is taking part or not, and if not, feel free to donate the BRB team, I’m sure the boys would appreciate a last-minute boost to the amount they have raised, please go to and donate to what is a really worthy event that has been organised in such a brilliantly fun way.

Average Josephine x