So you may (or may not) have noticed that everything has been a little bit quiet over here on Average Josephine. This has been for a number of reasons but not least because some lovely, lovely people told me that my blog meant that I was living in cloud cuckoo land.


However, I found something today that made me think “hey, that’s pretty cool”. I’d been pointed towards a really horrendous article in the Guardian which I am going to blog about separately but I saw that their fifth most read article in the previous 24 hours was about how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Having already written on this topic myself, I went to have a look and one of the recipes that was discussed was Claire Clark’s utterly brilliant recipe that I had featured.

The thing that completely blew me away was that there was a link in the discussion about her recipe. A link to this blog. A link to an average Josephine on the Guardian website. A link to my tiny little blog on the website of a national broadsheet.

Oh. My. God.

So an average Josephine is back. And she’s going to be better than ever 😉

Average Josephine x

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