Furniture faux pas

There are moments, like yesterday, when I think, “that’s not the best thing to put on Twitter”. And I fully admit we all have moments where we tweet things that maybe we shouldn’t, I am not immune by a long shot. But when a company’s official press account tweets something like the screen cap below, you know someone needs a lesson in thinking before tweeting…

ikea habitat tweet

Oh Ikea, I am a big fan. I like the clean lines of your Scandinavian inspired furniture and the convenience of being able to actually buy something the day I want it rather than having to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery. But this tweet? To quote one of my favourite films: Big mistake. Big.

Also, considering that this is from your press office, people who it has to be said are meant to know better, it does indicate that you either need a new press team or someone needs their butt kicked.

As for Habitat, well the big question is how they will respond. Will they sink to the depths that Ikea are plumbing or will they take the high road and ignore it? Only time will tell.

What do you think of this tweet? Would it put you off shopping at Ikea knowing they are using such dirty tricks as this? And if you have any Habitat shopping to do, it sounds like tomorrow might be a good day to do it!

Average Josephine x

PS. Brownie points to whoever can name the film the quote comes from! Although it’s pretty easy…

5 thoughts on “Furniture faux pas

  1. I’d take my hard earned pennies to Habitat and get my 25% off, thanks for informing me Ikea!!

    Love pretty woman, can’t wait to use that quote at some point!

  2. Hahahaa, I knew it was Pretty Woman, cos I use that phrase WAY too much just because it makes me snort 😉

    The Ikea quote is neither here nor there to me as we don’t have a store near us, but it’s shabby and unnecessary, in my opinion. They shouldn’t need to resort to insults.

  3. Pretty Woman. “You’re on commissoion, right? Big mistake. Huge” have been known to use that, in context too!

    We have a few ikea bits in our office, but thats it. Would rather go to habitat. Its a clever marketing concept that is not to everyone’s taste. I think its cheap and unneccessary, but its got people talking!

    Sam x

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