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As I might have mentioned once or twice, I suffer from severe insomnia. It has lots of rubbish side effects but one of the most frustrating is the fact that your skin gets ridiculously dull. It’s bad enough that you feel crap, knowing you look crap as well just adds insult to injury.

My skin is being a bit temperamental at the moment, patches of eczema around my eyes are flaring up randomly so when I started looking for brightening products, I started looking within brands I already use. I figured there was probably less risk of my skin having a total tantrum…

I’m currently using (and loving) the Elemental Herbology Purify and Soothe cleanser and when I was looking around their website I found that they did a Weekend Facial kit which included their Facial Glow, Facial Detox and Facial Soufflé. The Facial Glow is a biological and mechanical exfoliator containing fruit enzymes to loosen dead skin cells and spherical jojoba beads to gently remove them. The Facial Detox is a clay based mask to help reduce any blemishes and the Facial Soufflé is an intensive, overnight hydrating treatment.

Elemental Herbology Weekend Facial kit

Elemental Herbology Weekend Facial kit

None of these treatments are particularly cheap on their own and being the obsessive person that I am I did calculate the value of the kit compared to the price of the individual products. Suffice it to say that the kit costs £25 and the value, based on the price of the full-size products, is £59.40. Not bad.

As for the products themselves, when I opened the box they were sent in, I was greeted with a gorgeous, slightly fruity, slightly herbal smell as well as mini sizes of the cleanser, facial glow and a sachet of the cell food serum which was a bit of a bonus. I decided that as my skin is fairly dry at the moment I would skip the clay mask this time round and went straight from the exfoliator to the moisturising mask.

Unlike a lot of biological exfoliators, the facial glow doesn’t sting going on which is a good sign that it isn’t going to irritate any eczema patches. It smells quite citrusy and fresh which is always nice. It rinsed off cleanly without any problems and definitely left my skin looking perkier.

The facial soufflé is designed to be left on overnight although I was a bit confused about the application. Did you rub it in like a moisturiser or apply a layer like a mask?I went for the mask-esque option and applied a decent layer and then settled into bed with my kindle. After half an hour most of the product had sunk into my skin but at this point I had some serious reservations as my skin felt a bit tight. Come the next morning, I got a real surprise in that my skin felt softer and more moisturised than it had in a while.

This is a weekend facial I will happily keep performing for as long as the kit lasts and I would say it’s probably good for at least another five or six weekends. Given that works out at about £4 per facial, it is 10% of the cost of a high-street facial and actually, I prefer the results.

The Weekend Facial kit is available from and priced at a reasonable £25.

So, will you be giving it a go or do you have your own weekend facial ritual?

Average Josephine x

2 thoughts on “Brighten up

  1. Oh am so glad I saw this as I’ve just discovered the Elementology brand, so it’s great to read a review! I love the sound of the products and am very tempted by this little kit actually!

    In the next week or so I’ll be doing a feature on products that help with sleep… hopefully that will be useful for you too! 🙂

    Nic x

    • As I wrote in the post, it’s actually really good value and there is a body one too with bodywash etc which may be worth trying.
      Looking forward to your sleep post, think I could end up working my way through everything!
      J x

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