Famous for the sake of being famous

I do try not to hate anyone but there is someone who seems to be high fashion’s darling, who can do no wrong according to every magazine you pick up, who I really can’t stand. I thought this was just me but a few comments on Twitter have shown that I’m actually not in the minority here.

The conclusion? Fashion designers may love her but Alexa Chung, I’m sorry but I really don’t like you.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

My first issue is what does she actually do?! I remember her presenting some, frankly rather rubbish, music programme on T4 about a million years ago but since then has she actually done anything? Other than turn up to the opening of an envelope? There are a lot of jokes about celebrities who are famous for being famous, but Alexa Chung is famous for what exactly?

The second is that I don’t really see why all the fashion designers and magazines laud her as being this incredible fashionista! I’m no style queen and I don’t claim to be but I know when someone looks good and I’m afraid Ms Chung doesn’t. She looks scruffy most of the time and does she actually even know what a hairbrush is?! And as for the “ombre” hair trend? Sorry kids but I was rocking that look when I was at university… It’s called “I can’t be bothered to get my roots done”. She’s just lucky that her dye job was relatively close to her own hair colour or it would have been less of a trend and more of a faux pas.

Alexa Chung scruffy hair

Would you go to a Hollywood party with your hair like this?

And as for the Mulberry ‘Alexa’ bag? Unfortunately, I love it. Other than the name. It’s a bit vintage but without going overboard. An updated classic satchel. I just don’t get why Mulberry named it after her.

Mulberry 'Alexa' bag in oak buffalo leather

Mulberry 'Alexa' bag in oak buffalo leather

So to the magazines and the designers, I just want to say, she’s not all that. If you want a muse, choose someone who actually does something for a living and isn’t just a “celebrity”.

Do you agree with me or do you like Ms Chung?

Average Josephine x

5 thoughts on “Famous for the sake of being famous

  1. See, I quite like her. I understand all of the points you’ve made and I’d even agree with some of them. But you know the one thing I do like? She never pretended to be anything other than herself. She doesn’t proclaim to be a style queen, she admits to dressing scruffily. I like that about her.

    • She just kind of rubs me up the wrong way. Especially since she’s now “creative director” of Superga, she’s a clothes horse! It doesn’t mean she has a creative bone in her body. But at least she’s doing something!

  2. You’re totally mad and I bet your blonde with perfect roots and hang ups. She is wonderful, I personally see her on many occassions as she lives close to my home. It’s fashion of the naughties whether you like it or not and she lives East London where it’s all at. There is no way that brushing your hair is the thing to do!! please, you sound like my grandmother! and you dress as you please, If you manage to look great in dugarees and mens clothes and don’t need heels and a tight dress, well done. Perhaps you don’t like her as you’d look stupid in what she wears and she can pull it off… Get with it

    • Anyone will tell you I’m not blonde! I have short brown hair that is entirely its natural colour. And of course I have hang ups! Show me a woman who claims not to have hang ups and I will show you a woman who is lying. No-one is entirely happy with how they look!

      Maybe it is the fashion of the noughties (please note the spelling) but the noughties ended three years ago. What this decade will be called I don’t know but the noughties ended 31 December 2009… So that would make her very behind the times…

      And yes, I would look stupid in what she wears because it isn’t my style, I’d look like someone playing dress up. I don’t have a problem with it. But just because I wouldn’t wear it doesn’t mean I have to like it. It doesn’t mean I HAVE to think she looks good. I think the clothes are wearing her rather than vice versa. It’s about style and about elegance. She has neither. And would I say that to her face? Hell, yes!

      But the thing is, this is MY blog and that is MY opinion. Just because you disagree with it doesn’t mean you should attack me for for having a different one to you. So maybe it’s less a case of me getting with it and more of a case of you getting over yourself.

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