Mirror, mirror on the wall…

The last thing I do before I go out is to check in the mirror to see if I look OK. I am not claiming that I ever look outstanding but to be honest, if I manage OK, I’m pretty happy.  And I thought that this was a fairly common occurrence, actually checking what you look like, I mean, mirrors are everywhere, it’s not exactly difficult!

But from looking at the photos from Tuesday night’s National Television awards it appears that I must be very wrong indeed.  After all, if you had looked in a mirror would you really go out looking like this?

Tulisa at the National Television Awards (c) Alan Davidson

Tulisa at the National Television Awards (c) Alan Davidson

There is only one thing that can be said… Tulisa, you’ve been Tango’d!

She really is orange and when you’re wearing a pink dress, that is not a good thing. There are colours you can and can’t wear, put me in orange for example and I look like I need to be in hospital for jaundice, and Tulisa really cannot wear this shade of pink.  Or rather she can’t wear this shade of pink with this HORRIFIC tan.

As for the dress, what do you say? The feathers are what you call overkill and I know ombre has been a big trend but I think this is a pretty good demonstration of how not to wear it. The back is laced up with what looks like string and her boobs are falling out.

As for boobs, Tulisa was not the only one in danger of doing a Janet Jackson and flashing the world. When I saw this, to say I was horrified, would be an understatement…

Carole Vorderman at the National Television Awards (c) Alan Davidson

Carole Vorderman at the National Television Awards (c) Alan Davidson

Carol, you’re old enough to be my mother, put them away! We get it, you’re in good shape but there is no need to flash your boobs all over the place. I would expect a dress with this level of exposure from one of the slappers from The Only Way is Essex but you’re a reasonably intelligent woman… Have some self-respect!!

Overall, the dresses for the night were shockingly awful and picking only two was tough but I think these might be the worst of the bunch. Even the normally stunning Elle MacPherson looked pretty ropey.  So, ladies, please, mirrors are your friend! Use them, for the sake of all of us. And a little self-respect would work wonders too.

Do you agree with my assessment of Tulisa and Carol’s dresses? Or do you think there was a worse one out there?

Average Josephine x

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