A cup of tea solves everything

A cup of tea solves everything

A cup of tea solves everything (C) Nikki McWilliams

My mum has often said she would be useless in a crisis. Not because she is prone to panic but because if offered “a nice cup of tea” her response would be “sod the tea, can someone get me a brandy?!”

I, on the other hand, am a massive believer in the healing power of a nice cup of tea. Many of the problems of my life have been dissected and solved over a few cups of PG Tips, Tetley, Yorkshire Tea, Scottish Blend, English Breakfast Tea, even a cup of Earl Grey will do in a pinch… You name it, I’ve had it.

Tea purists will often say that tea is best served in delicate china or even glass I maintain that the vessel used should be more suited to the occasion that the contents.

There is something inherently comforting about a warm mug being cradled in your hands.  And in situations where comfort is required, there really is nothing better than a proper mug. A thick, heavy, earthenware mug. Nothing expensive, none of this bone china or porcelain malarkey, just the sort of mug you can pick up in the supermarket. I will confess my favourite mug isn’t a supermarket purchase but my first Christmas present as an auntie…

Giddy Aunt mug from the Big Tomato Company

Giddy Aunt mug from the Big Tomato Company

There are however occasions where the comfort of a cup of tea is required but the soothing ritual of making tea using a teapot, cups and saucers is required. It requires precision to check the tea is brewed to the correct level and that there is not too much milk in the cups. It is an archaic ritual, although not as formal as the Japanese or Chinese tea ceremonies, and one where porcelain is most definitely welcome.

My love of tea is such that for my birthday my brother and sister-in-law bought me the most gorgeous Wedgwood teapot.  It is the sort of teapot that is kept in its box or in a display cabinet and only used with loose-leaf tea, none of those common tea bags. I want to collect the whole set (I currently have the peach and blue tea cups in addition to my teapot) to enhance the experience but this is likely to be a long (and expensive) process. If, of course, anyone wants to help out with this, then please feel free. No, really, feel free!!

Would you choose a cup or a mug when having a cuppa or does it depend on your mood? Or would you just say “sod it” in a crisis and opt for the brandy?!

Average Josephine x

1 thought on “A cup of tea solves everything

  1. Ilove tea. I have about 30 different types and drink it black (the best way to taste the flavour imho). I’m like you it depends on the occasion and mood and bizarrely what I’m wearing. Steel toecap boots and jeans means a mug. Pretty skirt and high heels will draw me to fine china 🙂

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