Domestic Sluttery

To my mind there are two types of women: the domestic goddesses (and not in the tongue in cheek Nigella sort of domestic goddess sense) and those who believe that only dull women have immaculate houses…

I am the latter and the phrase “domestic sluttery” was designed for women like me. Luckily though, there is a website by the same name and Domestic Sluttery is in a league of its own.

Subtitled “the home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do” this site has a bit of everything and as such appeals to pretty much everyone. There are some regular posts, including “the boy and his poison” which, normally posted on a Friday, are a good start to the weekend as they often include a rather funky, and probably pretty lethal, cocktail recipe.

The site has a number of writers which means there is always something new to read and as they all have subtly different styles there is no risk of suffering from overload.

Domestic Sluttery has also gone mainstream with an eponymously titled book having been released on 1 November last year. It seems to be pretty popular as well, currently ranked 11 in Amazon’s Style and Decor category. Having flicked through the book before I gave it to a friend as a Christmas present, I can attest that it is just as good as the blog and well worth the price tag of £14.99 (or £8.49 if you shop on Amazon).

Domestic Sluttery

Domestic Sluttery

So if you haven’t checked out the blog, it’s well worth a look, although beware, it is addicitive and you can spend some serious time reading their wonderful and slightly sarcastic posts.

What are your favourite websites and blogs? Let me know in the comments box and I’ll try and review one next week!

Average Josephine

3 thoughts on “Domestic Sluttery

  1. What a nice blog post! Thank you so much!

    The boy and his poison will be very happy with his mention (you can usually catch him on Tuesdays too).

    Domestic Sluttery

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