Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash

I am not a beauty blogger.  I have no plans to try to be a beauty blogger.  That isn’t because I don’t like them (I love them, I can spend hours reading beauty blogs, it’s almost like porn) it is simply as much as I love my beauty products, I like my routine and I don’t want to have to chop and change purely for the purpose of writing my blog.  My skin wouldn’t appreciate it and the numbers of photos I would have to take of my face would risk the safety of computer screens and sanity of my readers…

That’s not to say that the occasional product review will not appear.  I have products that I love and I think that others would appreciate as well and I’m going to talk about them here as I would with a bunch of my girlfriends.

As a part of Operation Fit and Fabulous the lovely, lovely people at Weleda sent us a box of their products which was a really nice surprise.  Weleda was a brand I’d never tried before although I knew their reputation for high quality natural products.  I was pretty much out of shower gel and with the temperature rapidly dropping, causing my skin to dry out (even more than normal) a shower cream that described itself as softening and moisturising seemed ideal.

Box of Weleda goodies

The box of Weleda goodies received as a part of Operation Fit and Fabulous

One of the things in my box of goodies was a full sized tube of their Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash.  I have never really bought into the whole shower cream thing and ones that eliminate the need for moisturiser as with dry skin, particularly on my legs, I’m always going to need some sort of supplemental moisture. And I’m not going to insult you by saying that this is a wonder product and you’ll never need moisturiser ever again.

What I will say is that this stuff is really good.  It smells gorgeous; I think it smells a bit like old-fashioned cola cubes.  It has a lovely creamy texture although the one thing which is very different to the vast majority of body washes around is it doesn’t foam.  This is due to the exclusion of sodium laureth sulfate which, depending what you read, can cause all sorts of problems but especially skin dryness.  Whilst this means that it doesn’t foam, the drying effect is negated and thus even my dry skin feels a lot softer and whilst I am still using moisturiser, I am using a bit less, always a bonus, regardless of how much I love my moisturiser (Ren’s rather divine Moroccan Rose Otto body cream).  The only downside of this exclusion is that it doesn’t go quite as far as normal foaming body washes although it more than makes up for it through its moisturising qualities.

Another benefit (or it will be when I undoubtedly replace it) is that it isn’t hideously expensive at £8.95 a tube.  I have a feeling that this lovely wash will be an established part of my morning routine for some time to come.

Average Josephine x

P.S. As I mentioned before this isn’t something that I bought but was a PR sample. I will however be buying it in the future!

3 thoughts on “Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash

  1. I have to admit this has been the only thing that I used more than once out of my box of goodies. It was amazing & smelt lovely, but I did get through it extra quickly. xx

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