Objects of desire #2

OK so I’m running a bit behind this week.  Actually, scratch that I’m running a lot behind as this is my first post since last Thursday’s “Things I want” post (now renamed Objects of desire) and given this will be posted on Friday rather than Thursday…. You see my point!  And after last week’s slightly frivolous post, we are coming back down to earth with a shiver.

Winter is approaching fast despite last month’s random Indian summer (very peculiar but I will never understand the vagaries of the British weather) and with the advent of winter, this means the start of the cold and the wet… Remind me why I live in this country again?!

So it’s time to stock up on woolies and bring out the wellies and, in my case at least, start looking for that fashion essential to see me through the dark months.  Yes, I am in need of a new winter coat.  I have one and it’s still in OK condition considering I bought it nearly three years ago and it does get worn pretty much every day for about five months of the year.  It’s black, fairly basic and goes with pretty much everything I own but to be honest, it’s a wee bit on the dull side.  I’d like something to brighten up the dark winter and add a bit of fun to the standard workwear that largely consists of grey, white and black.

The problem is I’m a bit picky when it comes to my coats and the vast majority of them are black and grey.  I was losing a bit of hope when the red one I saw online was alarmingly orangey in real life (and orangey reds and I do not mix!) until I saw this

Oasis pink herringbone car coat

It’s pink! It’s tailored! And it’s pretty!  And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also available in a brilliant purple colour (decisions, decisions…).  Just to add to the fabulousness it’s not horrendously expensive; £100 is not what I would call cheap but given that I have seen coats on the high street costing anything up to and above £300, £100 is not bad.  And whilst I have been going for looser coats over the past few years to cover up the flab, with my current weight loss and Operation Fit and Fabulous helping to lift my self-esteem above floor level, the fact that it has a nipped in waist to help show off my curves is brilliant.

The only problem is… pink or purple?  Come on folks, give me a hand, what’s your vote?

Average Josephine x

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