I want, I want, I want….

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.  When it comes to some things though, frankly my dear, I don’t give a dam.  There are some things that people want more than others- for my friend Sam, she’d take a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes over pretty much anything else.  For me however, paying over £100 for a pair of shoes ain’t going to happen.

That said there are a few things that I would buy immediately if I won the lottery (I don’t play the lottery so it’s highly unlikely to happen), some of them more expensive than others…

The first is a Mulberry bag.  It’s a Bayswater bag but instead of the classic tan, brown or black, I have fallen in love with one of the A/W ’11 colours which makes it even more expensive (it’s £775 for a bag… I would love to but I won’t, unless I find a few grand spare!) but also it’s a wee bit different… It’s a really, really bright pinky purple.  Available from net-a-porter, it is a classic style that with a bit of love, care and attention could probably last the rest of my life but it’s the initial outlay of £775 that holds me back.  I’m also living with my parents at the moment and even though they aren’t exactly label conscious, I don’t think they could miss this bag….

Be still my beating heart....

In the meantime, I’m hoping that by the end of this week I might finally have passed all my accountancy exams in which case I am very definitely going shopping!  And whilst I can’t face spending almost eight hundred pounds on a handbag, I am thinking of buying myself a new laptop bag.  I have one which we were given through work but it is a big rucksack and elegant it is not.  I had hoped to see if I could get a Radley one as I have a couple of their handbags but the selection isn’t great at the moment.  So I hunted about and have found a gorgeous purple (I have a slight obsession with the colour purple) patent leather laptop bag.  It’s actually pretty cheap at £79, much less than a Radley would have cost and comes from Marks and Spencer’s of all places!  It’s not quite Mulberry but it’ll do (for now at least).

My other obsession is not so much an item but a shop.  I love L K Bennett.  There are a fair few shops where I could buy a lot of clothes but L K Bennett, I could buy most things.  I’ve got pretty classic taste, I always feel like I look stupid if I’m wearing anything that particularly fashionable- some things are best left to other people.  But I’m currently in love with the Carolyn suit, black wool with a white chalk stripe, a single button jacket, a pencil skirt and a matching dress.  Add to that their signature item the Tina dress which is gorgeous and also available in yes, you guessed it, purple!  The great thing about this particular designer is they design for curves.  I’m old-fashioned shaped, very much boobs-waist-hips, so any designer or shop that can cope with curves is good in my book.

So what about you?  What clothes or accessories do you lust after?  Would you ever buy a handbag costing half a month’s salary or more?

Average Jospehine x

4 thoughts on “I want, I want, I want….

    • I know the standard Bayswater is cheaper than the special editions but I just love that colour! Perfect for brightening up a straight-laced suit!
      It’s a lovely dress and you’ll get a lot of wear out of it but it is difficult sometimes to contemplate spending that amount on work clothes! Hence why normally I live out of Next and M&S! But I do love L.K.Bennett.
      How are you these days? Move all go well? Thanks for the comment and keep reading x

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