Vanity? Or sheer insanity?

I will confess I am a Telegraph reader. There’s not a lot wrong with that. Unless you happen to be a Guardian reader that is.

But I was shocked and appalled by something I read in the magazine on Saturday. As you will learn, I am not above desiring very expensive clothes and bags, especially bags, but there are some areas where excess really annoys me.

I have a nephew who I love and adore and would do anything for but my idea of buying him designer clothes is buying him the Baker by Ted Baker line in Debenhams. I don’t see the point in buying him Ralph Lauren T-shirts or similar, even though they are available in John Lewis as within one wear it will have food on it or paint or will just generally be getting worn and torn. And for something he will have grown out of in 6 months, spending £51-£57 on a T-shirt seems somewhat stupid!

So when I read that more and more designers are releasing children’s ranges with Gucci having launched this summer and Lanvin being due to launch in November I was kind of confused given that the world is meant to be in dire straits financially. We are talking about coats from Baby Dior costing £310, or from 3.1 Philip Lim costing £553 and up so these are not just a bit more expensive than your average kids clothes these are more than I would spend on a coat that might last me three years. With children you’ll be lucky to get one.

So maybe I am a cynic and don’t see the point of dressing children in ridiculously priced clothes. Maybe it’s just another ploy to get us all to spend more money by convincing us that these clothes are truely necessary for our children and that marks and Spencer simply won’t do anymore. But really is this just another case of designer’s providing what we fools will buy?

Would you spend thousands of pounds clothing your child in designer clothes? Or is the high street more than adequate?

Feel free to add your comments- all welcome!

Average Josephine x

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