Off with her head!!

Being decapitated must be a pretty grim way to go all things considered, but still I definitely have days when I iwsh that someone would actually just chop my head off.  Or just give me a lobotomy.

I know that must seem a bit drastic but to anyone who has ever had a migraine it’s probably a fairly familiar feeling.  A lot of people think that a migraine is just aI bad headache and whilst to some extent it could be described as that, it’s a whole lot more as well.

I’m lucky in that I don’t suffer from aura (the flasghing lights that some people suffer when they have a migraine) but the nausea that I experience more than makes up for that.  It’s quite rare that I actually throw up although many days I wish that I could just be sick and get it over with.  The only problem with this is that would require moving…

The reason that moving is a problem is that during a migraine blood vessels will contract and then dilate which is what is thought to be the cause of the headache itself.  When you move, even if you roll over from one side to the other, it causes changes in blood pressure and blood flow and when the cause of your headache is dilated blood vessels, moving hurts.  Really really hurts.  Like skewer through the eyeball hurting.

Many sufferers find that if they take painkillers after the migraine has started not particularly useful and the advice tends to be to take painkillers when you feel the migraine coming on rather than when the pain becomes really bad.  The unfortunate thing is that when you normally wake up with a migraine rather than it coming on during the day, this advice is worse than useless.  So normally I resort to ridiculously strong painkillers and hope for the best.

There is one exceptionally effective treatment but it is somewhat time consuming: sleep.  I can normally spend the majority of two days asleep when I have a migraine and then on the third day I’ll feel hungover but nearly human.

My migraines occur when I’m tired, stressed or hormonal- basically when I don’t have the time, energy or patience for one.  I take preventative medicine, try to eat properly and whilst I could never be accused of being an exercise junkie (well for one summer I could but that’s a whole other story!), I am hardly a complete couch potato.  I still get migraines and they frustrate the bejeezus out of me.

One option I have contemplated is Botox which is said to help, to the extent that extreme sufferers are now prescribed Botox injections on the NHS.  This particular effect of Botox was discovered as a side-effect of its cosmetic use when recipients found that migraines and headaches eased.  It’s certainly one option to keep in mind.  And the fact it might stop me frowning is always a good thing!

In the meantime, I will try and stick to eating healthily and getting some exercise, trying not to get too stressed at work (I can already tell you I will FAIL at that, big time!) and get enough sleep (again, I’ll fail, I’m an insomniac!).  Hoepfully these actions will keep the migraines to a minimum but if they don’t, I’ll keep the painkillers handy 😉

Do you suffer from migraines?  Any treatments, conventional or alternative, that you have found help?

Average Jospehine x

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