If you can’t say anything nice…

How many people’s mothers uttered the immortal words “if you can’t say anythig nice, don’t say anything at all”? Maybe it was just mine or maybe this is is something that has yet to make it over the Atlantic but it does not appear to be a phrase that Kelly Osbourne has ever heard.

Whilst I appreciate that she may be hasn’t had the easiest life in many ways, I find her constant mouthing off about people rather offensive.

Yesterday her issue was with Christina Aguilera, calling her a fat bitch whilst filming her new show. There has apparently been some bad blood between the two since 2003 but for some reason Miss Osbourne has decided that it’s open season again.

Add to this her most recent attack on none other than the Duchess of Cambridge while promoting her new show whilst on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Whilst Kate has been dubbed by some the Royal Recycler, I for one admire her stance of rewearing outfits, albeit with different accessories. Kelly’s perspective was that this was a faux pas that the Duchess made during her inaugural tour of Canada and the USA with her new husband. Her comment was along the lines of if she was in that position she’d never re-wear anything.

Kelly obviously hasn’t been watching the news this week as if she had she’d know that the global economy is in crisis once more. The US have had to raise their debt ceiling to avoid defaulting on their interest payments and the Italian and Spanish economies are in dire straits. So by wearing outfits again I applaud Kate for her thriftiness which, had some of our governments applied similar policies, might have saved us all from a second global economic crisis when we have yet to recover from the first.

I think the other thing that Kelly may have forgotten is that while she may have married into the Royal family, Kate Middleton was an ordinary middle class girl. She shopped on the high street (and still does) and would have reworn outfits without a second thought. I think she is a breath of fresh air in the Royal family, this youbg woman who whilst her husband is continuing in his military duties has said she wants to be a housewife and has been spotted doing the shopping on the isle of Anglesey where they live.

Basically Kelly, with this one, you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, is a stylish and classy woman who has never descended to the depths you are currently plumbing. She has remained gracious in the face of extreme media scrutiny even when she and her now husband separated for a short period. She understands that being a member of the Royal family is not about the clothes you wear but the attitude with which you wear them. And most of all she understands that discretion is the better part of valour, a lesson you would do well to learn.

What do you think? Add your views!

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