I’m so excited….

After last night’s emotional explosion of a post, I have a happy post for today!!! I’m off to London tomorrow!  And I really am bouncing off the walls, peel me of the ceiling level of excited!

There are several reasons for this level of bounciness.  Not least am I going to see a good friend for lunch who I haven’t seen for ages but I am joining some lovely, lovely ladies for a blogging event.  At least three of these lovely ladies I have met via Twitter and have helped my blogging addiction and I have been wanting to meet them in person for ages!  So I’m really looking forward to spending some time with them.

I read a while back that Twitter was a bit like internet dating except for friends rather than partners and from my experience, there is more than a degree of truth to this!  Like everyone, I follow various people and websites, I follow clothes retailers I like (Boden, Coast), magazines (Glamour, Red, Zest), writers and a LOT of bakers.  And I really do mean an awful lot.  But I also started following various beauty blogs, including BeachBumBeauty and, whilst she will not be there tomorrow due to her commitment to the Blurt Gymathon, three of the girls I started following from her will be.

All three girls are bloggers and two of them, Jo Gifford and Muireann Carey-Campbell, are the main reason I will be going given that they have organised an event about blogging.  Jo is the creative director of Cherry Sorbet, a design, editorial and trends agency focusing on the beauty and lifestyle sectors.  Muireann is otherwise, and probably better, known as Bangs and a Bun, the blogger renowned for putting a PR rep very firmly in their place.  Between them they will be assisting us in building our blog, brand and readership, which is always helpful for a complete newbie like me!

In addition to this Sarah Williams, writer of Sarah Scribbles, will be there and there has been a lot of excited squeaking via Twitter regarding tomorrow’s meet up.

The only problem is that a bit like a first date, to pick up the internet dating analogy again, I’m actually a bit nervous!!  These girls have become a great support network, even over cyber space and I want them to like me!  The fact that I am less than confident about how I look these days does not help so I think a shopping trip in the morning may be in order to find something that makes me feel good… Unfortunately, I don’t have all year so I am going to be making do with whatever I can find 😦

So I hope you will all be having an equally enjoyable Friday and I’ll post tomorrow about my trip to the Big Smoke.

Average Josephine xxxx

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